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LB Marketing Co. is a boutique branding and marketing firm that specializes in brand design and management. Leah, our brand designer strives to craft efficient solutions for all your branding and marketing needs. We enjoy creating different tools for your company that result in more traffic from your target demographic. Whether you are a seasoned small business owner looking for a brand refresh or a new start up looking to establish your brand, we are here to help bring your brand to life. We believe business owners should be able to spend time on their business and not get distracted by components of running their business that they don’t enjoy.

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Starting the branding process can be overwhelming and intimidating. At LB Marketing we want to make sure this is an enjoyable and exciting experience. Step one is our initial consultation where we get to know you and your business. We can gather so many ideas about who you are and what problems your business can solve. These in person meetings allow us to create a custom plan for you to show your authentic self. 


Social media is it’s own ball game. Knowing when to post, what to post and how often to post can be stressful. At LB Marketing we offer a variety of social media packages, perfectly curated to your goals. Whether that be one on one coaching on how to use the platforms or letting us do it all for you. We are here to help and create solutions to your social media stresses. 

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In every component of your business you should have a strategy. We firmly believe that marketing and branding should also have its own strategy and content plan. We are here to guide you down the path of scheduled content plans, strong brand presence and strategic marketing. Our goal is to put your information in front of  the right person, at the right part of the buying process. Let’s grow organically using the tools available to us and bring your business to the next level.


Branding your products is a crucial part of your brand strategy. We strive to create cohesive brands and that includes your products. Brochures, for sale signs, business cards, and digital media are some of our favourite things at LB Marketing. We are passionate about taking a blank canvas and making it uniquely you! Don’t hesitate to ask us to design any product, we have done yoga mats to truck decals and loved every minute of it.

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Your website is a crucial part of your business. At LB Marketing we believe a website should represent your brand. We want to ensure that it has all the relevant information your potential client or buyer is looking for and clear directions on how to complete the buying process. If you are looking for a website and want to learn more, reach out. We would be happy to review our process with you and bring your dreams to life.


Email marketing can be a part of any business strategy. We believe that staying in touch with your clients and communicating effectively with them is a strong business practice. We help you create your mailing list and set you up with simple tools to send your newsletters and product sales. We offer one on one coaching to run with this yourself or we can do it all. We are here in whatever capacity you need us.

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